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60 Years of "MADE IN GERMANY"

Manufactured in Gaggenau, in the heart of the Black Forrest, our tools and machines for bassoon and oboe are delivered worldwide with ‘MADE IN GERMANY’ as the hallmark of their quality.60 years of development and manufacture guarantee the highest quality of our products, their above-average durability and reliable functionality.

The open day

tl_files/rieger/Teaser/Jubilaeum1-gut mit 60 Jahre.jpgWe cheer!
Rieger will be 60 this year.
On July the 23rd 2016, at 10 a.m., we will open our doors to celebrate the 60th anniversary of our Company and would love to invite you to have a look around, listen to, touch and try our products.

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We will be on holiday from
August 13th 2016 until August 28th 2016.